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Admin 管理員: 想知道@Ka Hin 李稼軒是不是Sunshine Girlz 9號,立即Like我們的Sunshine Nation Facebook專頁,有機會贏取兩張決賽夜的門票,親身往現場看看他會不會作自我介紹:「我係9號Kelvin李稼軒…多謝!」

 869  Comments Posted on: 4:38AM July 27th, 2010
Admin 管理員: 我們的幕後情報員效率真的很高,已經替大家拍攝到今年Sunshine Nation 8強的背影! [幕後情報員]

orientation-e (1).jpg (594 KB)

 1,216  Comments Posted on: 6:38PM July 19th, 2010
Admin 管理員: Our recruitment mission had been accomplished and the 8 finalists have been chosen by our judges! We are not allowed to tell you who they are yet, but our Insiders will bring you updates and gossips about them, so be sure to check the Insiders’ page out!

 Comments Off  Comments Off Posted on: 3:15AM July 19th, 2010
Admin 管理員: 謝謝李稼軒的報導!加拿大中文電台的官方Facebook和Twitter也是會找到很多情報的哦!

 655  Comments Posted on: 3:13AM July 19th, 2010
Admin 管理員: Just a reminder for those potential Sunshine Boyz and Girlz, deadline is TOMORROW! So you better be quick and submit your app form ASAP!

 1,122  Comments Posted on: 3:55PM July 15th, 2010
Admin 管理員: 提提大家,Sunshine Nation 2010明天便截止報名了囉!快點把握機會,下載報名表格然後交回加拿大中文電台吧!快!

 547  Comments Posted on: 3:54PM July 15th, 2010
Admin 管理員: Wow!! I can’t wait to meet the Little Sunshine kids! Don’t miss the Little Sunshine’s finale at Crystal Mall @ July 10th! The winning one will get to appear on SSN’s finale too!

 649  Comments Posted on: 1:21PM June 29th, 2010
Admin 管理員: Awwww 這是真正的小時候「愷BB」哦! 超可愛。看來「小小Sunshine」的招募行動十分成功呢! 加拿大中文電台全新的官方 Facebook專頁有很多面試日的照片哦! http://tiny.cc/4zvti

 723  Comments Posted on: 11:34PM June 26th, 2010
Admin 管理員: I like what you have to say, Ah Hoi. That’s right, guys and girls, join Sunshine Nation today! Who knows, maybe you’ll have a chance to be on the stage with GoGirls!

 850  Comments Posted on: 4:55PM June 24th, 2010
Admin 管理員: 

Our official poster is up! Angel and Jeffrey, our 2009 champions, are gorgeous aren’t they? See more promotion artworks in our Gallery!

june poster.jpg (1 MB)

 1,011  Comments Posted on: 2:03PM June 23rd, 2010
Admin 管理員: 

差點忘了,Sam也是InBoyz的成員哦!下面情報員PO的照片也可以看到Sam的蹤影。至於情報員是「他」還是「她」? 對不起,我也不知道。

 441  Comments Posted on: 1:24PM June 23rd, 2010
Admin 管理員: 

噢~幕後情報員現身這裡了。可是為甚麼你PO的是占史的照片? 兩個都很帥啦!

 307  Comments Posted on: 8:12PM June 22nd, 2010
Admin 管理員: 

一眾加拿大中文電台的DJ將會加入我們「Sunshine微博」的行列,與你一同迎接Sunshine Nation!

 665  Comments Posted on: 4:41PM June 22nd, 2010
Admin 管理員: 

Prizes for this year’s Sunshine Nation champions include Apple iPad!

ipad2.jpg (17 KB)

 765  Comments Posted on: 1:16PM June 22nd, 2010
Admin 管理員: 

That’s right, @Brian 陳本岡, Sunshine Nation 2010’s recruitment has started! Don’t miss the chance, join now!

 1,049  Comments Posted on: 7:00AM June 22nd, 2010
Admin 管理員: 

Sunshine Nation 2010 官方網站正式啟動!想得到最新最快的SSN情報就要經常來官網拜訪囉!

 726  Comments Posted on: 6:23AM June 22nd, 2010

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